Seminars & Programs

Traditional Aikido traces its roots back to the highly effective combat arts of Japan’s feudal past.  In the early 1900’s, O’Sensei (Great Teacher) Morihei Ueshiba, forged these methods designed for the ancient battlefield, into a unique method of personal protection, and self improvement.  Because of the non resistive and non competitive nature of Aikido techniques, the system works equally well for smaller men, women, and children who might find themselves in a violent or harmful situation.  We honor these traditional teachings of Aikido, (Aikibudo) while also incorporating the latest in technology and training innovations, to aid our students in becoming the best they can be.

The fudoshin dojo is part of a network of not for profit dojos, called the United World Aikido Federation, working to relieve suffering around the world.  Our dojo is under the direction of Sensei Neil Chandler, the highest ranking student of the UWAF.  We welcome all sincere students of the martial arts regardless of style, rank, affiliation, race, religion, age, or gender.  However, we will not accept an application from anyone who has participated in a violent crime, resulting in a felony conviction, or anyone who is a member of or associated with a terrorist organization.  Our world has changed dramatically in the last few years.  Our young people are exposed more and more to images of extreme violence in video games, movies and television.  Many of the martial arts have traded the concepts of compassion, honor and self control, for the more brutal aspects in the name of sports entertainment.  In our practice, we strive to bring a balance back into budo training.  We believe our students young and old should be part of the solution, not the problem.