Welcome to the Saint Augustine Aikido and Cultural Center, Fudoshin Dojo!
We are located close to the beach, on beautiful Anastasia Island, in historic St. Augustine, Florida, the nation's oldest city.


Our programs are unique in the world of martial arts, offering something for the entire family.  We are a registered 501(c) 3, not for profit organization.  This allows us to focus less on the "bottom line", and more on the best interest of our students and community.  We offer the best in martial art and self defense training, at a significantly lower cost, than the majority of training facilities of this standard.  We offer martial art scholarships through the United World Aikido Federation, as well as many other programs, for those who could not otherwise afford the cost associated with training.

The Dojo

The origins of our program stretch back almost 20 years to the Byakko Dojo, school of traditional Japanese warrior arts.  The martial arts name Byakko, meaning white tiger or white spirit light, was given to Senior Instructor Neil Chandler by Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura, while training in Japan.  Under his direction, the school quickly gained a reputation as one of the most comprehensive and reality based traditional training facilities in the U.S., and attracted students and instructors from around the world.  We are proud to announce the Saint Augustine Aikido Center is now the home dojo of Sensei Neil Chandler.


At the Fudoshin dojo, Aikido is taught as a true martial art, (Budo), in a safe family atmosphere.  Because traditional Aikido techniques are extremely powerful and dynamic, training is not competitive, but mutually cooperative, with instructors and seniors guiding new students each step of the way.  Our goal is to make your journey in the martial arts, safe, rewardable, and enjoyable, while honoring martial art traditions and teaching methods that go back centuries.  While training to develop realistic and effective self protection skills, the art of Aikido offers many opportunities for self development, and personal growth.

To enhance your training experience, we host various activities and events, such as seminars and weekend retreats.  We also have parties to celebrate major holidays and a year end, New Year ceremony.  (Misogi)


We do not fight or compete with others for our ego's sake, nor do we put others down to prove our superiority.  Our mission is to make true friends, by helping others achieve their individual goals, and become the best they can be.  A human with great martial skill, balanced with compassion, wisdom, unshakeable discipline, and determination (fudoshin), benefits our communities and society, and in turn, the world.  This is the teaching of Master Morhei Ueshiba, the true way of the warrior, bushido, and our guiding light.  We welcome all who sincerely want to benefit others while realizing their greatest potential through these teachings.